Contest Regulations of the Children’s Drawings Contest
“And Dear to Us Remains Your Noble Image” dedicated to the 220th anniversary
of the birth of Alexander Pushkin

Committee for Culture of Volgograd region, Volgograd Regional Children's Art Gallery.

A special talent of poets and writers gives them the opportunity to find a key to any heart, and express in their works a feeling that would be clear to any person anywhere in the world.
For this reason, we call many writers and poets "international" - their work stirs the heart strings of people of different countries and nationalities. In this way, the love for poetry unites many different people.
In 2019, Russia celebrates the 220th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin.
Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, a Russian poet and writer, is sometimes called “the national Russian writer” and considered the supreme poet in the Russian literature. His influence on the Russian culture is still felt in the modern times, not only through his poetry, but also through his prose, which founded the tradition of the Russian realism in literature.
His universal artistic thinking and the richness of his spiritual world allow us to talk about him as a writer involved not only in Russian, but also in the world cultural process.
We offer you to learn about poems and prose by Pushkin and suggest your illustrations to his works; his portraits; drawings about his life.

Aims of the contest:
- Aesthetic education of children and adolescents through (their) familiarization with Pushkin’s poems and prose;
- Identification and support of artistic, creative children;
- Popularization of children's art.

Contest participants: the competition is held in four age categories: up to 7 y.o., 8-10 y.o., 11-13 y.o., 14-18 y.o.

1. Fine art
2. Graphic art
3. Arts and crafts

Theme: the life of Pushkin, the Pushkin era, Pushkin and the present, drawings based on the works of Pushkin, etc.
Drawing tools: draw in free hand.
Size of drawings: no more that 40x60 centimeters.

Please write the necessary information on the back of the drawing:
1. First name
2. Surname
3. Age
4. Title
5. Technique of drawing
6. Nomination
7. Address of the organization
8. E-mail
9. Teacher's Name

All materials received will not be returned as a general rule. All works will become the property of Volgograd Regional Children’s Art Gallery and may be used in publications, on the Internet and for educational and charitable activities.

As a result of the contest, the exhibition of the best works will be held in the Volgograd Regional Children's Art Gallery. The results of the competition will be published on the website of the gallery; catalogues of the best works will be sent to participants by post.

Deadline: May 1, 2019.

Send your works to:
Children’s Art Gallery,
26, Sovetskaya St., Volgograd, 400131 Russia
Contacts for inquiries:
+7 (8442) 38-69-29, + 7 (8442) 38-75-16
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